Dongeng Pengantar Tidur, pt.2

Intro. 28 Februari 2022, 21.39 WIB.

Nothing better than enjoying the last night of your long weekend other than tuning in to your favorite jazzy album after pampering yourself in an hour-long shower in your cold and pitched black room. Perhaps a glass of that sweet porto cruz special reserve wine would top it, but currently trying to limit my alcohol intake, so it is what it is.

The beginning Part 1.

So different from my previous writings, this one won’t loom around my thoughts and feelings, but we will start with a narrative. The events that overturn my head and heart.

The beginning Part 2.

To be honest, the whole first part doesn’t really tie to the whole of the story, but the part that did was that I gained the confidence to get back on my feet and do what I’ve always been desperately tired of, that is trying. With that strength back, I guess you’ll only need an opportunity to go for it, no? And yes, that’s exactly what really happened.

Peace from Within. 2 March 2022, 00.02 WIB.

So herein the story ends and continues. Again, there’s much happening in the last 7 days. To recap the itsy bits not covered before : we had a great chat again. We discussed my medium (yup, you read that right). We exchanged pantun haha. I almost got her on a culinary trip after sending her a deck of 20 curated culinary places in Jakarta (so much effort on this one, but it’s kind of an investment to myself also as I love to eat haha). And many others to cherish. But as the last two paragraphs suggest, this is not the story that I’ve planned coming into, but this is the story that I deserve, for the good and better.

The confirmation.



Screw it, I write what I want.

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